Have you finally decided to get an ELO Boost for your League of Legends account?

Well, think your decision over!

ELO Boosting might seem to be the ultimate solution to all of your League of Legends ELO Boosting related problems. However, there might be a few hidden drawbacks as well that you might not even know about!

ELO Boosting companies usually glaze their customers’ minds with the promise of exceptional results, whenever they want to get an ELO Boost. If you have hired the service of a skilled and professional ELO Booster, them this might eventually become a reality. However, just a few blunders here and there, and the game is over for you!

Before you proceed to contact a League of Legends ELO Boosting company, you should be aware of the risks and the perils involved in doing so. You might not only be putting your investment on stake, but your rankings and player’s account might suffer as well.

Before you sign up for any immediate increase in rankings, go through this list of risks that might be involved in getting an ELO Boost.

  • Investment Fraud:

One of the top cause of concern for beginner players is that they might be cheated by ELO Boosting companies. It is an established fact that most ELO Boosters are scammers. They can deceive you into paying hundreds of dollars and then vanish into thin air!

It is highly recommended that whenever you decide to get an ELO Boost, you should always opt for a recognized ELO Boosting company or a professional individual to save your precious time and money.

  • Plundering of Account:

Yes, you read that right, there have been several cases where many counterfeit ELO Boosting websites and individuals have been successful in manipulating novice players. They are able to get access to your account and instead of boosting your ELO rankings, they proceed to walk off with your player’s account and even your money!

  • Facing a Ban from Riot Games:

If you think that you will easily get away with cheating your way to the top, then we are sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you won’t!

Riot games own League of Legends, and if you have been playing deceiving games with your account, then it is highly likely that the people behind Riot Games will catch you!

Even if they get the slightest clue about your dirty little secret, then it won’t take long for them to ban you from playing League of Legends from the very same account ever again! This will result in your days of hard work to go down the drain in an instance!

  • Reward Removal from your Account:

Another common punishment handed out to players who resort to an ELO Boost, is the removal of rewards from your previous records. If authorities at Riot Games get suspicious of your illicit activities, they will try to discourage your behavior by degrading your rankings. This action might seem to be counter-initiative, but that’s how Riot Games roll and ensure that honest gaming tactics are used in League of Legends!

Getting an ELO Boost in League of Legends might seem to be an expensive option, both in terms of money and the fact that your account and your rankings are at stake. It is important to consider such risks, before you opt for an ELO Boost.

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