With Season 7 of the League of Legends well under way, the competition is heating up and only a select few will get to the coveted Diamond level. In fact, only 5% of all players get to the top most level.  For this to happen you need to put in serious work and effort.  You could also get someone with better skill to assist you climb the ranks. This is elo boosting.  How do these pros manage to climb rank so quickly?  Here are some of the tricks they use.

Dodge bad games

Although it costs you league points to dodge a sure loss, your MMR will not be affected. A good idea is to research your teammates using op.gg or lolking to judge if you should be in a game or not. If you don’t like the chances, stay out of it. The few league points lost are significantly less than the hit your MMR would take from a losing streak.

Know your Meta

This is the game composition as dictated by Riot games. It includes roles, summoner spells, tools and champions of a team. If you chose to ignore what Riot has given, you automatically stand at a disadvantage and chances of getting to the top are minimal. Research on what you have and how best to use it.

Keep an eye on the Mini-map

Getting caught unawares is the noob’s misgiving.  Remember that you are in a game with 10 players and the jungle. Stumbling about blindly will get you ganked by a jungler shortly. Practice looking at the map every 5 seconds. The good thing is that you will improve this skill with time.

Offensive champs in lower divisions and vice versa

In the lower bronze and lower divisions, there are many players struggling to climb the ranks.  You will often find yourself in 2or3 vs. 1 scenario. To crush your opponents quickly and cause a lot of havoc, use aggressive champions who will quickly stomp your enemies.

In the higher gold and diamond divisions, you will be facing experienced enemies who could take you out very quickly. Use defensive champions to keep your place.

Care for the minions

You should keep tabs on the health of your minions. Weak minions are easy prey for your enemies.  You can target weak enemy minions using auto-attack or using a skill.

Good communication

League of Legends is a team playing game.  The way you interact with your teammates will have a big impact on the game.   Establish a way to communicate quickly and efficiently like using smart pings.

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